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Nursery Gallery – August 2018

When I posted the July gallery, I was heading out to Ireland the day after for 2 weeks, which took me up to the end of July.  In August we decided to present 3 amazing events for our customers (although, to be honest, we loved it too).

We had Kristin Landfield from Alex Smith Garden Design Ltd, who spoke on the first Saturday of the month about: Creating a dynamic planting scheme to maintain 4-season interest, provide habitat and attract pollinators.  This was an amazing hit, and for those of us who got to just listen to her, it was not only insightful to a landscaper’s mind but inspirational to hear someone talk so passionately about plants.

The following Saturday was all about Adam Bigelow!  Adam, of Bigelow’s Botanical Excursions, is a horticulturalist and native plant enthusiast who has a passion for the wildflowers of Southern Appalachia that he loves sharing and teaching with others. He talked with a large crowd, answering questions and generally entertaining us for a fun 2 hours, then he followed up in the afternoon with his band Ol’ Dirty Bathtub.  We wish we could always have live bluegrass music playing while y’all shop our plant selections!

Then, without a minute to recover, we joined with the fabulous people at Currahee Brewery to create a fabulous fun day out in Franklin: Bare Root, a taste of Macon’s finest.  We had Asheville-based band Tellico come down and play their beautiful music, while we sold everything at the nursery at a 20% discount!  We gave away beer coupons for people to then go attend the brewery, who had a showcase of many of the fascinating farmers who help to form our community.  Yonder Cafe also made some delicious lamb tacos, while Currahee celebrated their 2-year anniversary, released new beers and had 2 different bands come out and play!  Yeah, it was a good day!  Oh, and there was Mead 🙂

So all that said, I’m a little late in August as I’ve been getting all these exciting events prepared.  So today, as things quieten down for maybe 4 seconds before we enter the Fall planting season, I had chance to take some photos of things that took my fancy around this place.  I’m happy to see butterflies and other pollinators are having a great old time on all our plants.  Sometimes I wish I could frolic around as they do.  But ho hum.  Enjoy the gallery, and come see us soon!

Amanda, August, 2018.