We love our 100+ chickens, ducks, guinea hens, sheep, ducks, rabbits and 1 donkey.

The Animals

The animals on our farm are chosen and managed carefully to maintain healthy pasture and create as close to a closed system as we can. Icelandic sheep are rotated around the paddocks to maintain the pasture height and produce wool, occasional lamb meat, and registered ewes and rams for sale to other shepherds.

Flocks of mixed-breed heritage chickens and other poultry then follow behind the sheep, scratching in their manure and consuming pests that would negatively affect the health of grazed pasture. We breed all of the animals with a desire for foragers who produce for us without needing as much supplemental feed, which is why we have an inclination towards primitive and heritage breeds.

The health of the farm is benefited by diversity, so we try to keep guineas, ducks, and turkeys on the pasture, as well as a donkey named Momma Peaches to help deter coyotes and other predators.