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Winding Stair Farm, less than a mile from the Appalachian Trail, sits on the Nantahala River, just below the headwaters. We began with the Farm, which is mostly devoted to pasture for Icelandic sheep and many breeds of chicken and other poultry. One acre is set aside for our garden and some serious heirloom vegetable production, as well as a glasshouse where almost all the produce is started from seed.

You can buy our poultry, eggs, produce, meat and other farm products at our local farmer’s market or at our farm shop, located at the Nursery.

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In 2018, we opened Winding Stair Nursery, in Franklin on the Highlands Road. The diverse and prolific range of plants we offer is pretty unique.  We’re very proud to serve the people of Franklin and the surrounding area with plant, trees and shrubs, native species, as well as, our farm-grown vegetable starts, when the season is right.
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