We are proud to provide a diverse & wide range of trees, evergreens, shrubs, and more.

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Welcome to Winding Stair Farm Nursery.


Our team, comprising several experienced plant specialists (and some keen learners), is dedicated to maintaining the existing reputation of Spring Valley Nursery, and will continue to deliver the same quality and range of plants, including perennials, sun & shade shrubs, trees, edibles, evergreens, annuals, house plants (including orchids), an extensive range of native plants and more.

We opened our doors in March 2018.  Since that early start in the season, we have been potting, fertilizing, watering and generally caring for the plants that you can take to your homes and businesses knowing that these plants have been treated well.  We also continue to receive deliveries from reputable nurseries to provide a diverse and unique range of plants.

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Learn more about the nursery’s new start in this article: “Business Reborn as Winding Stair Farm Nursery” (PDF) – Published on 12/22/2017 – Carter Giegerich/ Franklin Press. For other local articles on Winding Stair Farm, please visit our Press page.

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