Without the teamwork, Winding Stair Farm wouldn’t be what it is today.

The Team

The Winding Stair Farm team comprises 2 couples (Stacy & Greg and Michelle & Ezra) in addition to many others who work or have worked as temporary or part-time farm hands.

Stacy and Greg are both one generation removed from farming and, as mentioned in the Our Story section of our website, they didn’t plan on starting the farm when they first purchased the existing campground. They had talked about and dreamed about being self-sufficient and thus the seed was planted. Learn more about Stacy and Greg.

Michelle and Ezra are a team. Ezra makes Michelle think bigger and better (and to survive on less sleep), and she tries to keep up by weaving more tasks into her daily routine on the farm while making time for cups of tea. He loves learning all of the small solutions she comes up with every day, and reminding her that they are what build a beautiful big picture. It’s been a joy and a grounding distraction to learn the personalities of every creature under our care.  Learn more about Michelle and Ezra.

We plan to share information on the many people who have dedicated time and effort to help on the farm. (Coming soon).