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Nursery Gallery – May 2018

Here at Winding Stair Nursery, we’ve discovered that things move quickly.  It doesn’t seem like long ago since we were potting up the peonies and when I checked on them today there was one beautiful bloom and the rest all ready to pop. If you follow us on our Facebook page, you’ll know that we get regular deliveries of annuals and perennials, but also we have many other plants coming in and our wonderful customers buy them and take them to their new home, and we replenish from the many good sources around us.

Thus, every time you come to the nursery (even if you come 2 or 3 times a week), there is something different to see, often a LOT different.  This gallery is a snap shot of just some of the areas in the nursery.  We’re working on a map to help you all navigate when you visit us, as well as to give you an idea of just how much capacity we have. And now, we are full to the seams of perennials, annuals, shade- and sun-loving shrubs, trees (including a magnificent collection of all manner of Japanese Maples), evergreens (which is a small word for the huge variety it beholds), natives, edibles (including our own farm-raised tomato and veggie starts)… I know I’m missing a lot… 

The best way to fully appreciate the magnitude and diversity of inventory is to come visit us in person.  But for now, please enjoy photos taken on May 14 (a bit of a gray sky) after everyone went home, except me and the nursery cat, Sugar Bear. Click on an image to see it larger and get more info.