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Nursery Gallery – June 2018

Bright Edge YuccasTwo nights ago I took the White Flash (aka Callie Craken, one of the fastest English Setters in WNC) for a run around the nursery after everyone had gone home.  The sun was going down, the temperature was perfect and the plants seemed happier than ever.  I’ll probably say this every time I add new photos to the website, but it is astronomically amazing how fast things change around here.  We have a whole new set of bloomers – especially along our Creek Walk, where the sunny shrubs dwell – and will continue to see more amazing blossoms as we get deeper into Spring.  The Hydrangeas, both shade and sun-loving, are looking fantastic as are the Buddleia. The stars of the show, to me, this week at least, are the Bright Edge Yuccas.  When you visit the Nursery next, they are up front along the side of our Pottery building and they are stunning, to say the least.  These Yuccas love full sun and their ivory white blooms make a great addition to any garden.  Come check them out, as well as the rest of our vast and expanding inventory.

I hope y’all enjoy the June photos below!

Amanda, June 8, 2018.