1. Week 11 CSA – 31st July 2017

    rammy ram

    This newsletter is late because we went to ride rollercoasters and celebrate Ezra’s 30th birthday on Sunday (Goliath was the best one because it goes up 20 stories and you can see Atlanta and then it drops down at 70 mph and back up and then back down even further even faster and I LOVED…

  2. Week 10 CSA – 24th July 2017

    winding stair farm

    “He had been eight years upon a project for extracting sunbeams out of cucumbers, which were to be put into vials hermetically sealed, and let out to warm the air in raw, inclement summers.” -Jonathan SwiftIt’s that time of summer with long, hot, sunny days, and evening fires and days on the river or lake….

  3. Week 9 CSA – 17th July 2017


    We love seeing you, at CSA pickups, or the Franklin Market on Saturday mornings, and figuring out what you’ll like to see and take home most. We say it a lot. But when we see you at the market and smile and wave, and our brains start going on what you got before, what you…

  4. Week 8 CSA – 10th July 2017

    cute egg messages

    Day and night, in all weather, we love being in the garden to see all of the details of your plants and produce. On a sunny day, you can feel the rays being soaked into the leaves and soil to make the nutrients for your table. Rainy days are cozy and the plants stand up…

  5. Week 7 CSA – 2nd July 2017

    green house fun

    Thomas Jefferson said to his friends Wormley Hughes and Robert Bailey that the garden and its produce were “all but experiments; the precept however is wise which directs us to try all things, and hold fast that which is good.” We’re constantly trying new varieties, methods and techniques for what we grow, aided by the…

  6. Week 6 CSA – 26th June 2017


    As promised, below is more information from us about how we manage pests in the garden. The plants are thriving with the the rain that we’ve had lately, but so are the pests. We try our best to balance our goals for a sustainable harvest with the reality that there will always be insects to…

  7. Week 5 CSA – 18th June 2017

    sheepy butts

    Above you can see some of our sheep who we just moved onto fresh pasture that they’ve been eyeing for weeks. We rotate the animals around carefully to help direct the plant content and height in the pasture. Pasture management has to deal with intricate relationships between the weather, plants (the more types the better),…

  8. Week 4 CSA – 11th June 2017


    The Birds Our flock of chickens, ducks and guineas is always growing because we love birds. Recently, we acquired six baby turkeys (still not sure how the one pictured above got out of her coop!) and this week we got 35 guinea keets. At two days old, they already sounded like adult guineas, but at…

  9. Week 3 CSA – 5th June 2017

    baby birds

    This week marked a big shift here – Michelle has left her day job (working for a conservation nonprofit) to be full-time at Winding Stair Farm. It’s both an exciting and scary change, but she’s looking forward to it (as are the dogs because they’ll never be alone)! Otherwise, we’ve been working away. Among other…

  10. Week 2 CSA – 29th May 2017


    Sign up for our newsletters anytime. Plenty has happened on the farm this week! Michelle’s perspective The twin lambs that were born last week (almost 7 weeks after the rest of the herd) have become the darlings of the farm. Pippa (last year’s ewe lamb) chewed through another set of Stacy’s ear buds (Stacy is…